Bullseye Pest Control specialise in same day wasp
nest removal. If you notice a wasp nest please
call us today and one of our technicians will
be on their way immediately.


We are available 24 hours per day

028 9268 8595

Discreet, unmarked vehicles

24 hour emergency service

Fully trained, friendly staff


Wasps are seasonal insects and are at their most active in the late spring / summer months, just the time when you want to enjoy BBQs and inviting friends for drinks in the garden!

If you notice a wasp nest, please contact us and we will be on our way immediately.  When we arrive at your property, we will identify the exact location of the nest and cordon off the area before treatment is safely applied.


At Bullseye Pest Control, we LOVE bees!  Although they are not a protected species, we will do everything we can to remove Honeybees without harming them.  This goes for Bumble Bees too and we work closely with local bee keeping associations to ensure that they are safely transported to their unique environments.