Bullseye Pest Control are trained not only to
address current mice and rat
infestations but also to prevent future


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Mice & Rats

Mice and rats are very agile and clever creatures who can find their way into your property through the smallest of entry points.  Once inside, they can set up home anywhere from behind skirting boards to high up in roof spaces!

The first thing we will do when we attend your property is to identify exactly where and how the mice or rats are gaining entry and where they have chosen to take up residence. 

Once that’s been established, we will agree a process of treatment with you.  All the materials we use within our bait boxes to attract the mice and rats are strictly licensed and labelled – we will talk you through exactly how these will work.

We will agree a time scale with you to follow up on this visit – usually within 7 days – where we will sign-off the successful treatment, ensure any prevention methods have been undertaken and safely remove the bait boxes.